The announced schedule follows the routine of previous years. Despite the emerging health situation, we hope that by May there will be no restrictions and the XV. NN Ultrabalaton should not be postponed. We will inform you permanently and keep you up to date with any changes in organizing the race or changing the start times.
Thank you for your patience!

NEW! For the first time on 2021 for the individual runners and the two- and three-person teams the race will be started on Friday morning on a separaterace day differently than before.

XV. NN Ultrabalaton
DATE: 14-16 May 2021
– Individual: 14th May 2021, Friday, 07:05
– Team of two: 14th May 2021, Friday, 07:45, team of three: 14th May 2021, Friday, 08:30
DISTANCE: 222 km, one lap around Lake Balaton
RACE CENTRE: Annagora Aquapark (Balatonfüred, Fürdő utca 35.)

The time limit for individual runners is 32 hours.

Check out the exact locations of the refreshment and checkpoints here:
Red marked the cut off points and time in the list.
Please note, that after the cut-off time the points will be closed.
Mobile toilets will be at  all checkpoint.

Aszófő refreshment point 6,72 6,72
Pécsely refreshment and checkpoint 11,37 4,65 11,37
Vászoly refreshment point 4,42 15,79
Dörgicse refreshment and checkpoint 8,79 4,37 20,16
Balatonakali refreshment point 4,35 24,51
Zánka refreshment and checkpoint 9,9 5,64 30,15
Köveskál refreshment point 5,25 35,4
Kővágóörs refreshment and checkpoint 9,15 3,9 39,3
Kékkút refreshment point 4,82 44,12
Salföld refreshment point 3,11 47,23
Badacsonyörs Varga Pincészet (cut-off at 2:40pm)
cut-off point, checkpoint, ’hot food’ refreshment point
13,64 5,71 52,94
Badacsony refreshment point 4,98 57,92
Badacsonytördemic refreshment and checkpoint 9,93 4,95 62,87
Szigliget refreshment point 3,11 65,98
Balatonederics refreshment point 3 68,98
Balatongyörök refreshment and checkpoint 11,15 5,04 74,02
Balatongyörök pihenő  refreshment point 4,24 78,26
Gyenesdiás refreshment point 4,05 82,31
Keszthely (cut-off at 7:30pm)
cut-off point, checkpoint, ’hot food’ refreshment point
13,16 4,8 87,11
Fenékpuszta refreshment point 5,94 93,05
Balatonkeresztúr refreshment point 3,04 96,09
Balatonberény refreshment and checkpoint 11,84 2,86 98,95
Balatonmáriafürdő nyugat (cut-off at 9:46pm)
cut-off point, checkpoint, ’hot food’ refreshment point
3,86 102,81
Balatonmáriafürdő kelet refreshment and checkpoint 8,96 5,1 107,91
Balatonfenyves refreshment point 3,33 111,24
Alsóbélatelep refreshment point 4,61 115,85
Fonyód refreshment and checkpoint 11,22 3,28 119,13
Fonyódliget refreshment point 5,11 124,24
Balatonboglár refreshment point 5,13 129,37
Balatonlelle kelet refreshment and checkpoint 14,31 4,07 133,44
Balatonszemes refreshment point 5,2 138,64
Balatonszárszó refreshment and checkpoint 10,2 5 143,64
Balatonföldvár (cut-off at 4:10am)
cut-off point, checkpoint, ’hot food’ refreshment point
5,49 149,13
Zamárdi refreshment and checkpoint 10,82 5,33 154,46
Balatonszéplak refreshment point 5,36 159,82
Siófok nyugat refreshment and checkpoint 7,54 2,18 162
Siófok kelet refreshment point 5,98 167,98
Siófok-Sóstó refreshment and checkpoint 10,27 4,29 172,27
Balatonvilágos refreshment point 5,46 177,73
Balatonakarattya refreshment and checkpoint 10,56 5,1 182,83
Balatonkenese (cut-off at 10:08pam)
cut-off point, checkpoint, ’hot food’ refreshment point
6,1 188,93
Balatonfűzfő refreshment and checkpoint 11,56 5,46 194,39
Balatonalmádi refreshment point 6,44 200,83
Káptalatnfüred refreshment and checkpoint 11,35 4,91 205,74
Alsóörs refreshment point 4,1 209,84
Csopak refreshment and checkpoint 8,38 4,28 214,12
Balatonfüred Probio refreshment point 4,11 218,23
Balatonfüred befutó refreshment and checkpoint 7,75 3,64 221,87

Please note, that after the cut-off time the points will be closed.

Individual Women // Individual Male

The absolute winner gets a trophy with the names and times of the previous NN Ultrabalaton winners Trophy for each category winners
Finish line tape

To register for the race all participants need to create their Personal Profile first. The Personal Profile can be created HERE.

Please be aware that your registration is only verified after completing the payment of registration fee, what you can do three different ways:
Sums indicate „per person” prices (HUF/person), deadlines indicate entry and payment deadlines – please bear in mind this information when making a payment!

15 January 2021 1 March 2021
Individual participant 112 EUR 140 EUR
Individual bike escort 36 EUR 42 EUR

We reserve the rights to adjust our prices based on the current exchange rates.
Please note that the organizer reserves the right to change the deadline for the payment. On 2 March 2021, all the unpaid registration will be deleted!


1.) SimplePay
2.) Via bank transfer made to the bank account of the organizer (Balatonman Triatlon Kft.). Bank account number: K&H 10401055-50526549-56551033
Please only write the following in the comment field: UBE-R…..

If you want to pay in EURO:
Balatonman Triatlon Kft.
HU 32 1040 1055 5052 6549 5655 1026
BIC: HU 32
Bank identification number: 0105-24A187-102

3.) In person (only in cash) at our Race Office (Maratonman Depo Running Store 5/c Népfürdő utca, 1138 Budapest. Opening hours: Monday through Friday 10:00-18:00)

We cannot accept postal checks. If a payment is made via a postal check, the sum will be transferred back to the sender by the bank. The registration fee must be paid in one sum. Invoices can only be made out to the billing address submitted with the registration. Fees arriving separately will be transferred back to the sender after the deduction of bank fees.


  • Participation in the race
  • Finisher medal, finish line tape, certificate (completing within time limit)
  • Finisher T-shirt (completing within time limit)
  • Race package
  • Timing (and a rented chip for timing)
  • BioTechUSA refreshment
  • DREHER 24 non-alcoholic beer at the finish
  • Medical services
  • Massage after the race at the finish area
  • Free event photo downloads
  • Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner on Sunday (only for individual runners)


  • Name is printed on your race bib (mandatory to wear)
  • Name is printed on your NNUB official race technical T-shirt  (MIZUNO)
  • Discount coupon provided by Varga Winery
  • Armband to get extra services (mandatory to wear for bike escorts, for individual runners optional) – to take part at the ’all you can eat pasta party’ and to consume at the refreshment points

How to differ the bike escorts from the participants of the bicycle tour?
Same refreshment as to the individual runners.
Same selection of recovery supplies will be offered to all bike escorts in the refreshment points.
Hot food will be served to bike escorts as to runners at 5 points.
Different coloured finisher medal.
Please note, individual runners can only add 2 bike escorts, during the individual registration!

Race times will be recorded in an online system at the designated checkpoints. Time crediting at the level crossings will be handled instantly by the system. At the end of the race the net time will be displayed. Please note that the final results may be affected by the time credits! IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE: For the individual participants it is mandatory to use the checkpoints! A maximum of two points may be missed! During the 222 km race, the transit of the participants will be recorded manually at several, randomly chosen points. At the end of the race the times of the individual runners will be checked. In case there is a significant difference (25%+) compared to the personal average time and the foul is confirmed, the participant will be eliminated from the result list!

Timing chips will be given to the participants in exchange for a HUF 5000 deposit at the race packet pickup. Please bring the exact amount to make our job easier. After the race the deposit fee will be returned in exchange for the timing chip.

The time limit for individual runners is 32 hours to complete the 222 km distance.
Runners who arrive at any of the COPs after the specified time limits mentioned above, will be stopped from the race.
Red marked the cut off points and time in the list.
All runners who are subject to Cut Off Points and Cut Off Time are declared as not completing the race and are not entitled to get the finisher medal and the finish line tape.

On Friday afternoon (14 May 2021) at 5 pm before the “All you can eat” pasta party, we will hold a technical meeting to get all further information about the race in Hungarian and English. At the meeting you can ask the organizers any questions you may have.

START: Will be announced on 20th of November, 2020
Bike escorts start after the start of the individual participants.
The route of the race is marked on the bike path of Lake Balaton, with the exception of the Balaton Uplands, where the course is on the road.  Strictly forbidden to drive alongside the runners at this stage for safety reasons. Here, the bike escorts are only allowed to pass in front of or behind the runners!

IMPORTANT! This route is a highly accident-prone section it will be monitored by the police.

Along the course and at the finish there are 48 refreshment stations in total to support your performance.

BiotechUSA products will be served at all refreshment stations:
Water, Isotonic Sport Drink, Pepsi Cola, Tomato, Banana, Salted cracker, Sweet Biscuit, Olives, Trappist Cheese, Buttered bread, Honey, Salt, Pineapple or Peach preserves, Dried Plum, Cranberry, Dill, Salt, Leavened cucumber, Lemon, coffee at some  of the refresment points

In 2021 the ultra race will be organised in Eco-friendly way. At the refreshment points, there will be no plastic cups anymore. During the course, you can only use your own cups or flasks. At the race centre, reusable NNUB soft cups could be rented.

For individual runners and the bike escorts hot food and soup will be served at 5 points.
Each “hot food” point will also have a microwave for heating food.

  • approx. 52,9 km Badacsonyörs, Varga Pincészet
  • approx. 86,3 km Keszthely
  • approx. 102 km Balatonmáriafürdő nyugat
  • approx. 146,2 km Balatonföldvár
  • approx. 187,4 km Balatonkenese

Individual runners may send their personal refreshment and clothing changes to 5 refreshment stations. Please note, the packages must be clearly marked (name, race number, the kilometres of the refreshment station).
Drop off location: Race Centre
Drop off date: Will be announced on 20th of November, 2020
Drop off time: up to 8 pm

You can drop off own refreshment to the following stations:

  • approx. 52,9 km Badacsonyörs, Varga Pincészet
  • approx. 86,3 km Keszthely
  • approx. 102 km Balatonmáriafürdő nyugat
  • approx. 146,2 km Balatonföldvár
  • approx. 187,4 km Balatonkenese

At approx. 52.9 kilometers, the race route passes through the wine cellar of Varga Winery.
which can be approached via a staircase. Here the temperature will be expected to be lower and the humidity higher than outside – with this mind it is not mandatory for individuals to run through the cellar. For those who skip this section, take the same distance outside the cellar to the next checkpoint.

The finish area will open at 2am on 16 May 2021.

Following the race, our individual participants will be treated to a revitalizing massage at the Athletes’ Garden near the finish area.

On Sunday, according to traditions, the results will be announced at the same time as the teams; for individual runners seats will be reserved in the front row!

For the first time in the history of NNUB – Sunday evening – Gala Dinner will be organized for individual runners in Balatonfüred.
For escorts, a limited number of tickets for the gala dinner can be purchased.

Medical staff is present at the start and finish area as well as on the course. Runners will be followed by a medical staff with ambulance cars and motorcyclists. In case of pain, illness or physical discomfort during the race call the ambulance. The emergency contact phone number will be on the race bib. Please be attentive towards runners in need! In case the medical staff deems a participant unfit to continue the race, their race bib may be removed and they may be withdrawn from the race.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions.

Pictures will be taken at the start as well as at the finish line and at several points along the route by professional running photographers  Photos will be free to download after the race, which will be searchable by race number on futofoto.com!